The Arts Health Institute brings the arts and healthcare together to change worlds. We are a non-profit organisation working to improve lives through the integration of the arts into all aspects of health and age care environments. We have health professionals and artists working side be side to improve healthcare delivery.

The Arts Health Institute delivers life-changing programs across Australia and across an ever-growing array of demographics and health conditions. Taking its inspiration and creative guidance from renowned Australian performer and mime Jean-Paul Bell, the Institute works to carry on his legacy of artistic engagement through its landmark programs.

Always innovating we work with a number of research institutes to build an evidence-base behind our work. The Arts Health Institute is a thought leader in the field, offering consultancy services, education and our yearly Play Up Convention where ideas around health and arts are challenged and explored by internationally renowned presenters and artists.

The Arts Health Institute is a hub for creative ideas in healthcare and through our unique membership system we are connecting a world of professional practitioners around the arts. Find out more here.

We are passionate about the arts and their effect on healthcare. Through the arts we live healthier happier lives.

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Email: ahi@artshealthinstitute.org.au

Address: 246 Forbes Street,
Darlinghurst Sydney NSW 2010


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