In a first for Australia, ASCOT training courses are being made available through the Arts Health Institute as a part of developing an Australian arm to the international ASCOT network.


Held with the support of Macquarie University Centre for the Health Economy.

The Arts Health Institute will be running two separate ASCOT courses  training with Ann-Marie Towers from the ASCOT team, University of Kent.

This is a rare opportunity to have these workshops whilst a member of the ASCOT team is in Australia and places are strictly limited. Apply now.

From left to right Ann-Marie Towers, Nick Smith,
Kamilla Razik from the UK ASCOT Team with Maggie Haertsch
and Debra Redley from Australia’s Arts Health Institute.


Measuring quality of life 

ASCOT is an internationally recognised instrument designed to measure the aspects of an individual's quality of life that can be affected by social care. We call this ‘social care related quality of life’ (SCRQoL). Developed in the UK over a decade ago, the toolkit can be used across a wide range of service user groups and social care support settings, including residential and community care.

Put simply it tells us how well individuals are faring in eight areas of quality of life: control over daily life; personal cleanliness and comfort; food and drink; personal safety; social participation and involvement; occupation; accommodation cleanliness and comfort; and dignity – and it does so in a way that reflects what people say about what makes the most difference to their quality of life. This information is useful for understanding which aspects of social care have the greatest potential to improve people's lives. The most recent analysis shows that control over daily lives is most important to both service users and the general public.

This holds significant meaning and opportunities for aged care providers in Australia striving to implement a greater quality of living focus, meet accreditation standards, move towards Consumer Directed Care and become a stand out service provider of choice.

Australia’s Federal Department of Health trialled one of the ASCOT tools as part of their national quality indicators pilot project to measure the consumers experience and quality of life in the Australian aged care environment.

Originally ASCOT was designed for research, it is now widely used by local authorities and service providers as a valuable tool to direct overall quality of care and care practice as well as measuring the tangible impact of social care-related quality of life initiatives and track improvements over time.

Two Training Courses

Adult Social Care Outcomes Toolkit (ASCOT) training 1

One day “Introduction to ASCOT”
March 2017 - For dates and details watch this space.

Macquarie University, North Ryde Sydney.

The aim of this one-day interactive course is to provide people who are interested in using ASCOT with an understanding of both the conceptual basis of the measure and the different ways ASCOT can be used in research and evaluation. The course covers the following elements:

  • Introduction to ASCOT
  • Measuring outcomes using ASCOT
  • Versions of ASCOT
  • Self-completion (SCT4 and ER)
  • Face to face interview (INT4)
  • Mixed methods (CH3)
  • ASCOT carer measures (Carer SCT4 and Carer INT4)
  • Scoring and interpreting ASCOT
  • Using ASCOT

$475.00 per person incl GST

Small group sizes. Don’t miss out, apply now. (You will need to agree to the Terms & Conditions noted below)

Adult Social Care Outcomes Toolkit (ASCOT) training 2

Two day “Specific ASCOT mixed methods (CH3) for residential aged care”

March 2017 - For dates and details watch this space.
Macquarie University, North Ryde Sydney.

This is a two-day course, with practical sessions, which aims to equip people with the skills and confidence necessary to use the ASCOT CH3 tool in residential aged care facilities. The course covers the following elements:

  • Introduction to the concepts used in ASCOT
  • The ASCOT domains and levels
  • Observing in care homes
  • Using the ASCOT observational tool
  • Using the ASCOT interview schedules in a care home
  • Making ASCOT ratings
  • Turning ratings into scores

Small group sizes. Don’t miss out, apply now. (You will need to agree to the Terms & Conditions noted below)

Terms and Conditions 

Cancellations less than 14 days prior to each event are not refundable. However another person may be nominated to attend in place of the registrant.  Any cancellations more than 14 days prior to each event will be charged a 10% cancellation fee.

Course participants may only use the ASCOT tools within a research project or for aged care providers’ use within their own organisation. Strict terms apply, and can only be used for non-commercial use only.

Payment must be made in full before course confirmation applies.

All people completing the courses will be automatically included in the Australian ASCOT users network and their details will be registered with the University of Kent, UK.
Participants must agree to sign the ASCOT end-user agreement terms and conditions.

  1. One day course - Introduction to ASCOT user agreement
  2. Two day course - Mixed methods CH3 user agreement


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