Music & Memory

The power of personalised playlists.

In hundreds of care facilities throughout the U.S. and Canada, Music & Memory is helping thousands of individuals living with chronic cognitive and physical impairments to reconnect with family, friends and caregivers.

Now this remarkable program is available in Australia, exclusively delivered by the Arts Health Institute.

This is a program of developing personalised playlists of music on iPod shuffles for people with dementia specifically but more generally for people who are in pain, feeling depressed or isolated.

 “The program really helps create connections with people. It is a powerful way for family and friends to share music together, to remember stories and experiences.”  Maggie Haertsch – CEO, Arts Health Institute. 

So simple, yet so effective.

  • Participants are happier and more social.
  • Relationships among staff, participants and family deepen.
  • Everyone benefits from a calmer, more supportive social environment.
  • Staff regain valuable time previously lost to behaviour management issues.
  • There is growing evidence that a personalised music program gives professionals one more tool in their effort to reduce reliance on anti-psychotic medications.

Accreditation for your organisation includes:

  • Year-round webinar training for your staff to learn how to implement and maintain an organisation-wide process for personalised music.
  • Annual calendar of special interest webinars to help develop skill and knowledge base.
  • Accreditation to provide Music & Memory in your service and be eligible for annual re-accreditation.
  • Access to troubleshooting webinars, consultations and technical support as needed.
  • Join an international Music & Memory network.

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Watch the extraordinary awakening of Henry. 

Music & Memory End of Financial Year Bonus

$1,000 worth of Free Extras* when you sign up for Music & Memory by 30 June 2016.

Would you like to know more about Music & Memory and accreditation for your facility or community? Register your interest now.

*Includes 3 months Bonus Music & Memory accreditation and iPod Shuffle with head phone set and charger valued at $1,025 (incl GST). Terms and conditions apply. To be eligible for the 2016 end of financial year offer the agreement must be signed by the 30 June and lodged with the Arts Health Institute office.

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