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It is well documented that one of the last things that elders and people with dementia lose is their ability to enjoy music.

Led by the Arts Health Institute’s amazing, inspirational maestros, Sing Out Loud has been embraced by residential and community aged care services around Australia. Easily implemented and cost effective, these structured, therapeutic social groups are fun, stimulating and rewarding.

Our Maestros use cheeky humour and songs from the past to spark conversations, laughter, percussion, poetry and reminiscing.

Sing Out Loud utilises the unique and universal power of music to create lively interaction. Led by an Arts Health Institute musician with special training, elders meet to sing and talk together, remembering and telling their life stories. Favourite songs are chosen through their connection to each individual’s past and their special meaning.  

The key is socialising, asking opinions, getting the room chatting and laughing and singing a lot! Pretty much every song will trigger a conversation.”  Rose Grayson, Maestro - Arts Health Institute

Demonstrated benefits of music listening and participation.

  • Improved emotional function and social inclusion.
  • Reduced agitation and aggression.
  • Enhanced cognitive abilities for elders with and without dementia.
  • Moving, remembering, laughing, singing, listening and sharing.

Sing Out Loud choirs can be a lovely way to promote your service, community events, open days and special events.

“It’s hard to find words that adequately describe the wonder, engagement and rapt pleasure that we saw residents and clients experience at Sing Out Loud concert on Wednesday.” Rochester and Elmore District Health Service

The choirs also have the ability to link with local primary schools for eight weeks during school term. Learn more (

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