LEAP for Life

Lifestyle Engagement Activity Program

Train your staff to really support their home care clients’ goals and step up to Consumer Directed Care with a structured education and embedding process powered by Change Champions. The Arts Health Institute is proudly bringing LEAP to community aged care providers nationally through a program of training and accreditation.

“What do you really want to do with your life? Waltz, bushwalk, write a book?”

Think of someone’s social needs and you’ll also meet their physical needs.

Eileen Kramer

Kicking goals: Eileen Kramer at 101 visiting the Central Australian Desert
for the first time.

Why home care clients need LEAP
Tailored psychosocial activity-based interventions have been shown to improve mood, behaviour and quality of life for nursing home residents. More and more older people wish to stay at home but a third of these people report feeling lonely and about half screen positive for depression. Home care recipients want more meaningful activities that contribute to well-being.

Latest research
LEAP training combines the best elements of research into quality of life and activity programs that have been beneficial in residential and community care.
Read the new evidence

Empower your people
LEAP is all about engaging with home care clients and encouraging them to be more active in terms of their lifestyle.

It is a training program aligned with your organisation’s strategy for:

  • Case managers working for aged care package clients to help assess and prescribe appropriate activities based on ability and interests; and
  • Care workers on how to deliver the prescribed activities to clients receiving packaged community aged care.
  • Managers and LEAP Change Champions.

Good for clients, good for staff
Positive impacts on client engagement, mood, behaviour and satisfaction are complemented by improved work satisfaction and self-efficacy ratings by case managers and care workers. Full reports below:

“What I got from the LEAP training is that it helps me enable people to do things for themselves.”

“They’re happier, they socialise, they speak more.”

Would you like to know more about LEAP for your aged services in the community? Fill in your details and we’ll be in touch.

Acknowledgement: LEAP is supported by the Dementia Collaborative Research Centre – Assessment and Better Care, University of New South Wales. The views expressed in this work are the views of its author/s and not necessarily those of the Australian Government. We acknowledge the financial and other support UNSW received from the Commonwealth to develop training materials and to implement the Lifestyle Engagement and Activity Program (LEAP) for Life project in community aged care. Development of the LEAP for Life program by the Dementia Collaborative Research Centre at UNSW Australia was funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing under the Encouraging Better Practice in Aged Care (EBPAC) initiative.

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