by Dr Maggie Haertsch and Dr Sophie Dilworth, Australian Ageing Agenda, published March/April 2016

It makes sense that quality of care has a relationship to quality of life but if we only measure clinical indicators without placing emphasis on ... read more

by Eileen Wood, The Senior, published 22/12/2014

They have a combined age of more than 600 years, some need a walking frame or a helping arm to get about, hearing and eyesight is not what it used ... read more

by Linda Belardi, Australian Ageing Agenda, published 10/12/2014

Ageing and creativity, transforming workplace culture and busting ageing myths were some of the hot topics at the recent 2nd National Play Up ... read more

by Julie Power, Sydney Morning Herald, published 9/09/2013

Children who have been deprived of play may grow up to appear wooden like former US vice president Al Gore, or in severe cases, mass murderers, says ... read more

by Matthew Smith, ABC News, published 27/08/2013

As the population ages, the number of Australians suffering from dementia is forecast to triple to about 900,000 by 2050. One group is ... read more

by Natasha Egan, Australian Ageing Agenda, published 14/11/2013

People with dementia and carers living in regional, rural and remote New South Wales deserve services that are flexible, locally appropriate and ... read more

Daily Mercury, published 25/08/2013

JEAN-Paul Bell makes a living by making people laugh - especially those in aged care. Mr Bell who calls himself a "humour therapist" is ... read more

by Liz Roberts, Australian Ageing Agenda, published 5/11/2013

The relocation of residents during the bushfire crisis has provided us with experiences which can immediately benefit other providers, writes Liz ... read more

by Dan Cox, ABC News Online, published 31/10/2013

The Newcastle-based Arts Health Institute says its plan for an arts hub in Hunter Street's derelict post office has the support of state MP, ... read more

by Natasha Egan, Australian Ageing Agenda, published 11/09/2013

Play and joyfulness are just as important as nutrition, sleep and exercise to a person’s health and preventing physical and cognitive ... read more

by Creative Kick Start, Creative Kick Start Website, published 8/09/2013

Could there be a better location to hold the National Play Up Convention than Luna Park in Sydney? Over two days in September this year, ... read more

by Jill Stark, The Sunday Age, published 22/09/2013

When the lights go down I have no idea what to expect. But the music starts and it just happens: we dance. This is not alcohol-tainted, ... read more

by Sarah O'Brien, Newcastle Herald, published 26/11/2013

AGEING can be a terrifying and stifling process,  but the Arts Health Institute has shown the passion for life can be renewed with the help ... read more

by Peta Mayer, Arts Hub, published 17/08/2014

Here is a great article for all of you aspiring performers and Play Up Valets out there, it’s also just a great read for anyone interested ... read more

by Graeme Singleton, The Coffs Coast Advocate, published 14/09/2013

ONE of the stalwarts of Coffs Harbour's theatre community has been recognised for her amazing passion, dedication and ... read more

by Bruce McDougall, The Daily Telegraph, published 10/04/2013

Primary school students will teach senior citizens how to "rap" and then learn from the oldies how to waltz under a ground-breaking ... read more

by Jessica Symonds, The Condobolin Argus, published 20/06/2012

Residents at Condobolin Retirement Village get to 'Play Up' each Tuesday when travelling performers from the Arts Health Institute roll into ... read more

by Nick Houghton, The Chronicle, published 5/07/2014

TOOWOOMBA'S Charlie Bragg and Lachlan Moule are the Garden City's new magic men after a unique program put on by the Arts Health ... read more

by Ian Warden, The Canberra Times, published 5/05/2014

Would even the greatest entertainers of all time - think of the on-stage Elvis "The Pelvis" Presley or Beyonce, the ... read more

by Julie Power, The Sydney Morning Herald, published 3/08/2013

  A weekly dose of songs and laughs, combined with a daily regimen of jokes and silliness, is replacing psychotropic drugs and ... read more

by Kellie Trees, NSW Government Department of Education & Communities, published 16/07/2012

If there was ever any doubt of music's ability to profoundly change lives, an inspirational pilot program between Kempsey West Public School and the ... read more

by Scott, Fifty~Plus News, published 11/06/2013

Sing Out Loud Together is fun for participants Pat Turner and Molly Fitzpatrick, and uses the unique power of music to promote social engagement and ... read more

by Gabriel Wingate Pearse, Newcastle Herald, published 31/05/2013

As well as the physical demands of trekking at high altitude, and filming a performance or two a day, documentary-making in Nepal threw up some ... read more

by Kristian Silva, The Weekly Review Eastern, published 3/06/2013

Danish poet Hans Christian Andersen once said that “where words fail, music speaks”. That sentiment seems to be ringing true at Vermont ... read more

by Editor, Liverpool Leader, published 29/05/2013

Laughter is the best medicine - a sentiment that rings true at the Austral and Chipping Norton Scalabrini villages. The Italian-speaking residents ... read more

by Keryn Curtis, Australian Ageing Agenda, published 1/06/2013

The SMILE study [Sydney Multisite Intervention of LaughterBosses and ElderClowns] established the concept of playfulness as a serious and effective ... read more

by Aaron Kearney, 1233 ABC Newcastle , published 26/03/2013

ABC 1233 Newcastle has an interesting and fun segment on breakfast radio with Aaron Kearney, where a red phone is passed to a new person in the ... read more

by Adam Fulton, The Sydney Morning Herald, published 25/07/2012

Voices are singing and chattering, whistles blowing and instruments sounding as a host of entertainers ready their acts and prepare to meet their ... read more

by Steven Deare, The Manly Daily, published 18/07/2012

Blowing bubbles. A serenade of You Are My Sunshine on piano accordion. An impromptu comedy performance. This might not be the entertainment you ... read more

by Hornsby Advocate, Hornsby Advocate, published 2/05/2013

Students and seniors bonded through a first-of-its-kind music program that was trialled in Wahroonga. The eight-week program, called Sing Out Loud ... read more

by The Senior News, The Senior (NSW/ACT), published 3/05/2013

Young and old are finding their voice in an innovative program than teams primary school students with residents of aged care facilities. The Sing ... read more

1233 ABC Newcastle and 2HD Radio, published 18/04/2013

On Thursday 18th of April, both the AHI CEO, Maggie Haertsch, and AHI Creative Director, Jean-Paul Bell, were invited to be interviewed on separate ... read more

by Ben Smee, Newcastle Herald, published 28/04/2013

The University of Newcastle has abandoned its interest in the former Newcastle Post Office building, leaving the NSW government without its preferred ... read more

by Emma Murphy, NBN Local News - Newcastle, published 19/04/2013

A new lease on life today for the old Newcastle Post Office.   Performers from the Arts Health Institute’s Play Up Program put on a show ... read more

by Amy Edwards, Newcastle Herald, published 19/04/2013

THE circus came to town and the children watched in wonder outside Newcastle’s former post office today. Led by clown doctor Jean-Paul ... read more

by Jessica Willard, The Cessnock Advertiser, published 17/04/2013

Residents at Cessnock’s Calvary Retirement Community are laughing a little bit harder thanks to the successful humour therapy program ... read more

by Amy Edwards, Newcastle Herald, published 18/04/2013

HUNTER performers will return Newcastle’s former post office to a place of celebration for World Circus Day on Friday.   The ... read more

by Nicholas Gerber, 1233 ABC Newcastle, published 23/03/2013

Radio story and interview on AHI's Sing Out Loud Together Program. ... read more

by Nicholas Gerber, 1233 ABC Newcastle , published 22/03/2013

Radio story and interview with Maggie Haertsch about AHI's Play Up Program on 1233 ABC Newcastle Radio. ... read more

The Standard - monthly newsletter from Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency, published 25/02/2013

Residents at the Amaroo Residential Care Facility in Gosnells are the first in Western Australia to experience the Play Up Program. Staff are being ... read more

by Ben Smee, Civic Reporter, Newcastle Herald, published 10/02/2013

A NATIONAL arts organisation has unveiled plans to transform Newcastle's former post office building into a hub for performances, exhibitions, ... read more

by Laura Suckling, Southern Courier, published 6/11/2012

LAURI Kilfoyle spends her days making residents of aged care facilities laugh.   She is co-ordinator for the Arts Health Institute's Play Up ... read more

by Jen Hunt, Mornings with Tim Holt, 702 ABC Sydney, published 24/10/2012

The old cliche of laughter being the best medicine has actually been substantiated in the SMILE study, the world's largest rigorous study of humor ... read more

by Eveylyn Yamine, The Daily Telegraph, published 29/09/2012

As the old saying goes, you don't stop laughing when you grow older, you grow older when you stop laughing. That theory is being tested by the Arts ... read more

by Howard Gipps, A Current Affair, published 21/09/2012

How many times have you heard the saying ‘Humour is the best medicine’? Some new work being carried out with Alzheimer’s patients ... read more

by Geraldine Doogue, ABC RN Breakfast, published 24/09/2012

Recent studies suggest that laughter is the best medicine for those with dementia, with results showing that humour can be as effective as ... read more

The Western Herald, published 9/08/2012

Playing is an essential part of a child's development, but it is also just as important as we get older. And that is especially true for those with ... read more

by Rudi Maxwell, The Koori Mail, published 22/08/2012

CHRIS HOLTEN reckons the best thing about the Sing Out Loud Together project was watching his Elder buddy John Roberts bust out some moves to ... read more

by Ben Hennessy, Prime 7 News, published 7/08/2012

It's a celebration of young and old as students in years 5 and 6 at Kempsey Primary School join with the Booroongen Djugun Aboriginal Aged Care ... read more

by Stephen Easton, Australian Ageing Agenda, published 20/09/2011

A unique dementia research project has found that 'having a laugh' works just as well as antipsychotic drugs for people with dementia, when it comes ... read more

by Keryn Curtis, Australian Ageing Agenda, published 24/07/2012

The humour therapy program at the centre of the high profile SMILE study - the NHMRC-funded collaboration between the Humour Foundation, the ... read more

by Anon, Australian Ageing Agenda, published 15/03/2012

RSL Care has become the sunshine state’s first aged care provider to try out the celebrated Play Up program, which aims to improve the lives ... read more


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